29 Jun 2014


Last night, I went to iAcademy`s party to kickoff the year: Lucid Riot. The whole venue had numerous booths, all amongst neon and black lights, illuminating every urbanite`s colorful outfits. There were several performances by their music org, a couple of dance troupes (which in my shame, forgot their names. I`m sorry.) and Barriers. More photos under the cut!

See the guy in the upper left corner?? What a BEAST!

Joko Curioso, Barriers frontman

Thomas Tawlerun, guitars

Leo, bassist

Chino Solas, guitars

Miguel Ternora, drums
Reppin` Rise of Brutality
The night was truly a #!@$%^# one (hey, I speak that language)! A lot of laughter, a lot of angst, a lot of passion. I`m sure everyone would never forget this night. And the moshpit! Oh, there was a moshpit and a lot of chanting "LIVE LIFE HARD". To be honest, the music Barriers played contrasted the whole feel of the party as it was urban-jungle-neon-graffiti themed. And in the midst of keeping an eye out for the officers who were catching people for the jail booth, I felt very relaxed and cool and just living the moment. I missed nights like these.

The night grew deeper so I, along with the lads left and walked a lengthy one to celebrate with food, duh. The walk was great. So many jokes that I, as a girl, can take and actually laugh along with. And you know one thing I noticed? Is that we were all wearing either black or blue........ HAHA ok but you know the real surprise here? I don`t have a single photo of myself that night. Not a single one. You can pretty much say I felt like the unofficial, self-proclaimed band manager lol #noregrets

This gig is already a start of many of Barriers playing for a huge crowd *fingers crossed* and shall we all wish and pray to all the gods that they`ll be included in Shockwave 2014`s lineup?? Yes? Great!

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  3. Great event! Looks like a fun-filled night <3


  4. Hey beauty,this is an amazing post!
    keep posting!
    xoxo Antonella

  5. Such a cool and artistic event :D

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  7. looks like a lot of fun :D


  8. Girl, love your blog ! Great post xx

    I want to keep in touch with you via GFC/ Google+/ Bloglovin even Facebook. Let me know on my blog:)x

    Laura Macij

  9. Amazing photos. It sounds and looks exactly like my idea of fun! <3


  10. Looks like you had an epic time!

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic


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